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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I get many clients wanting to know this exact question. They are not sure if they should walk away from a relationship or if they should stick it out and wait for their partner to change.

I can tell you one thing. If you are looking for your partner to change or are wanting to change your partner to suit your needs, you are going to be disappointed!!!

If you are seeking change then this must happen within yourself.

Most of us are so worried about trying to change others to make us happy that we forget the simple fact that relying on someone or something else to make you happy also gives the flip side of this. This allows them to also take that “happiness” away. Essentially giving away your power.

Once you learn to harness your power in your own hands and be accountable to yourself and making yourself happy. Showing yourself true divine love then it doesn’t really matter what others do or who they are.

You learn to accept people for who they are and learn to accept that some of these people won’t be in your life forever but to cherish the time and lessons you have learned throughout the relationship.

These lessons help us learn about ourselves. They show us how strong we are and also where we may need some work. Not one human is perfect but yet so many of us strive to be perfect. Again disappointment is inevitable as there is no such thing as “perfect” we are all imperfect human beings learning as we go in this lifetime!

In worrying about ourselves we can take the time to go within and see where we fit in and if we are just simply ready to move on then our of love for ourselves we do so. If we are allowing abuse mentally or physically, cheating, etc we lack love for ourselves and in many ways believe we may even deserve to be treated in such a way.

This to me is the biggest sign of someone that needs to practice self love. Many times it stems from childhood. The way we were raised has so much to do with what we view a healthy relationship as. Especially when it comes to the relationship we have with ourselves.

I specialize in working with people that have these questions, these doubts. I help them see exactly what it is they truly want and guide them with steps to get in touch with their inner power so that they too can have the life they desire.



Melissa Walker aka Mystic Spirits With Melissa

I am a spiritual advisor and I am also a life coach. I am also a podcaster and an entrepreneur. I have 4 lovely children 2 of which are grown up and gone. I work from home and live the life I desire. I choose to love me first (except my babies) I choose to create a happiness of my own that is limitless.

I love helping others to do the same.

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