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3 Ways to Love Yourself

How many times have you sat in the bathroom and cried feeling neglected and uncared for? I sure know I have done this a few times. Having kids, work, family, etc. Seems to have its toll on me. I am so busy making sure the kids are fed, bathed, and simply kept alive. I also have to worry about my business, and my schooling, yes, I am taking a college course at 43 :) I tend to forget about loving and taking care of myself.

I have found 3 ways that work well for me to make sure I take the time for myself. This also keeps everyone else around me from feeling the wrath of mom! lol

1. Hot Bath

I find it so relaxing to just run a nice hot bubble bath and shut the door and forget I even have children, work, and a house to clean. I close my eyes and just pretend I am in a nice warm sunny place where nothing else matters but me. Sometimes I stay in the bath for so long that I have to add more hot water. I don't put a time limit on my bath I simply just let it be!

2. Meditation Time

After the kids go to bed I always take time to meditate. Even if it is only for 5 minutes. I find this helps me gain clarity on certain areas of life so that it doesn't seem so hectic all the time. It helps me be quiet in mind's eye and let go of anything that does not serve me that may have happened throughout the day. Sometimes I even do this while in the bath. Kill two birds with one stone!

If you find meditating hard and just can't seem to get into it, I understand! I was once there. I could not for the life of me quiet my mind. I learned something though in my journey. These are the times that you need to just let it be and have the thought and then let go of it and before you know it those thoughts that won't stop being so intrusive and they will become less and less each time.

3. Say No More Often

Do you find yourself agreeing to go here and do this all the time for others? If so, now is the time to just simply say no! You don't have to explain why you can just say NO! This is a very hard thing to do especially if you are a people pleaser, but I promise you once you do it a couple of times it is very empowering! You feel like you have a voice, and you are not afraid to use it if you just don't want to or can't help someone at the moment. This also helps create boundaries, because some people will just ask and ask, and if you never say no, they tend to not have limits even though they know you are busy with your own life.

In conclusion, sometimes it is hard to find time for yourself. If you find yourself resenting things around you like kids, partners, and family chances are you may be not getting enough self-love time and you are struggling because of this. I hope this helps you as it did for me!

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