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Yoga at Home


We offer honest advisors looking to help clients in all matters of life. From job and careers to love and relationships. 

Please take a look at the online advisors page to search for an advisor that you feel comfortable with. 

Once you reach out to the advisor you and them and will talk about pricing and either decide to make payment to the advisor or you can choose to move on to another advisor if you do not match. 

Our advisors are honest and accurate and do not deal in energy that includes spells and dark energy. We at Psychic Text Readers do not promote the use of any services including spells, candle burnings, prayers etc. If the advisor is offering to burn a candle while doing a reading this is fine as long as they are not promising things such as money, luck, or reuniting you into a past relationship. 

If you come across an advisor offering these services then please be sure to text support at 1-403-415-5229

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