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We work a bit differently than other psychic websites and hotlines.

1. We do not take a commission from your readings. We simply advertise your psychic business. We charge a small monthly fee, of $25 for 30 days of exposure. You keep all money you make from doing readings as you charge clients that contact you directly via PayPal or any other payment method you offer. We do not deal with payments for your readings.

2. We do not work based on a rating or review system.
We do encourage reviews on our app, but they are not public on your profile. They are used for advertising, and you can view them at any time.

3. There isn't a set number of hours you need to be logged in on our platform. You set your hours. Obviously the more you are logged in and able to receive text messages the more business you will get.

4. We allow you to post your website and your social media pages.  This helps clients to get to know you before ordering a reading with you.   You are building a relationship with your client to serve their highest and best good.

5. Direct Support - We always have someone to help you on a personal level with any questions you may have about the app. You don't have to wait forever for questions to be answered.

6. We do not allow our advisors to offer magic, spells, or any other form of dark energy. If we find this happening or if your website promotes this sort of work your profile will be deleted and blacklisted, there will also be no refunds for ads or promotions as per our terms of service.

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