Have people told you that you are intuitive? If you are curious about your psychic ability but don’t know where to start, this workshop training series is for you! This beginner psychic intuition development course covers the essential skills required to start working with your intuition.

I will give you ways to increase your psychic abilities in order to help you achieve personal growth and deepen your spiritual consciousness. These practical tools can be used every day in your life.


What you will learn:



* Learn to trust your perceptions
* Discover which are your strongest psychic gifts
* Learn how to strengthen all of your psychic senses
* Raise your energy vibration to enhance your intuition
* Learn how to give a basic psychic reading right away that you can use with anyone
* Develop practical uses for your intuition in your daily life

Weekly Commitment: In addition to weekly classes, you will have reading homework and an experimental assignment. As in all study, good preparation, and diving deeply into the work will translate into a more rapid psychic and mediumistic unfoldment of your abilities. Trust me, it will be worth it!!!


Things to bring: Journal or notebook ( for recording notes, personal reflection, message from spirit.)


Cost: $70/weekly Installments or $400 One time payment